Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimizing a website for a particular keyword to rank higher in the SERP (search engine result pages). This will increase the chances of getting free traffic to the website/blog. SEO is a long-term investment that helps your business build brand awareness for your business. It helps you build a strong online presence and stand out among competition to gain more market share and grow your business. SEO helps in driving potential customer traffic to websites and increase conversion rates.

Check out why SEO is Important for Businesses:
Brand Visibility/Awareness:

If you have to compete with your related business industries, you must make sure your brand is visible and easily recognizable when the customers are searching for it. It is very important to have your website at the top of the search results. As it is a strong belief to more users that if a brand is visible on the top 3 of the search results, it is said to be more trustworthy.  The brands which get placed on top positions drive more traffic, higher conversion rates. So it is essential to invest in SEO for a small business to build a better branding awareness by obtaining top rankings on the search results.

Increase organic traffic:

By getting placed on the top ranking for search results, you are deemed to get more traffic. Here SEO plays a major part in creating informative and keyword relevant title tags and meta descriptions, which helps to maintain better CTR for the impressions. If you have quality traffic it is more likely to increase the conversion rates.  By implement SEO tactics like link building, directory submission, keyword optimization, will help to get relevant traffic which helps in more sales.

Great Return on Investment (ROI):

However, SEO is a long term investment (about 6 to 12 months) and needs the patience to get the desired results. Although it is time taking process the end result be so rewarding and ensures good customer traffic for a long time. Measuring the ROI is simpler as it can be tracked using analytics tools and it is way more effective when compared to paid search ads.

SEO is not expensive:

Many business individuals think SEO is expensive, but it is generally not true. You can land on top of the search results with no budget at all because it is an organic result you don’t have to pay for it. When you invest some money on the SEO, don’t think it as a cost. It’s an investment in your business that will pay off long after you spend the money. Once you get top rankings on SERP it is highly likely to stay there for a long time. It is like an investment that gets results for the future growth of the company.

Building user-friendly websites:

SEO helps in building customer-friendly websites, that helps the search engines to navigate through your website and makes your website easier to navigate for the customers as well. Good structure and responsive website keep the visitor to stay on the website for a longer time and reduces the bounce rate and also increases web traffic. It also helps in building relevant content such as blogs and articles to answer most of the user’s questions.


However, there is no denying to the fact that internet marketing is getting far competitive every passing day. With best SEO practices, you will achieve a better ranking on search engines and increase brand visibility and finally get good sales conversions.

It is imperative with Google making updates to its algorithm constantly; hiring an SEO expert is a good choice for the business to achieve their goals. If you are need of SEO strategist, feel free to contact Sunraise Solution for pricing details.

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©2020 Copy rights All reserved.

©2020 Copy rights All reserved.