How digital marketing can help you promote your business in this lockdown period.

CoVid-19 (Corona Virus) pandemic has made a huge impact on citizens all over the world. Everyone got stuck at home; the priorities have changed, most of them spending quality time with their family. The world economic engine has been slowed down. Many companies are trying to stay relevant and their employers are working from home.

As most of them staying at home, there is no delivery of a newspaper to home, and most of the advertisers have stopped printing their advertisements. Companies are not investing in outdoor marketing as there are no people to see it. Because of this most of the traditional marketing ways are becoming irrelevant due to the lockdown conditions.

However, usages of online content, social media, and OTT platforms have seen tremendous growth. Most of the people spend their time on social media, as per the latest stats, it says that there is an increase of 87 percent from the week before the lockdown.

The latest surveys from Business today say that 75 percent of people spending more time on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp when compared to previous days before the lockdown. Also, the amount of time is staggering with each individual spending almost four hours on Facebook and WhatsApp. Therefore most of the companies are trying to promote their services online as most people still connected to the internet.

As everyone got glued to their mobiles and laptops for constant updates and even the search traffic has seen a spike of 72 percent from the past two weeks and it will increase more, as there is much to be done after the crisis is completed. This is a great time for the companies to refocus on the marketing strategies and reach out to more people by including digital marketing into your strategy.

Digital Marketing comprises of Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (PPC), Content Marketing, Facebook Advertising.

Digital Marketing Ideas for Business individuals to consider during this lockdown period:

1) Stay connected with your customers on social media.

2) Try to improve your online presence by posting daily updates on social media.

3) Educate your customers about the current crisis.

4) Try to lend a helping hand to the people in crisis.

5) Learn and adapt to new ways to stay relevant.

6) Improve your site’s visibility by working on SEO as Google is constantly changing their search engine algorithms.

7) Use PPC to target your potential customers online.

8) Make changes to your offers and adjust for customer needs.

9) The most important thing is to not panic in the crisis and make plans for your future marketing and learn new skills.


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©2020 Copy rights All reserved.