How is Digital Marketing helpful for Political parties and Politicians?

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Digital Marketing for Politicians and Political Parties:

Digital marketing has been proven to be a great resource for politicians and political parties to successfully build its brand image in India. India is a great country with the world’s largest democracy with millions of citizens.

However, Digital Marketing provides great tools for political parties and politicians across the nation. Through this, they have instant access to a group of people at less cost when compared to traditional ways.

A recent report from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India states that India has more than 165 million internet users as of now. So political parties cannot afford to neglect the power of the digital medium or they will lose to the opposition parties. We have seen how the digital medium impacts the polls in the elections. We can take the examples of popular leaders like India Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President of USA Donald Trump. They both implemented successful political campaigns along with the help of digital marketing. Trump after winning his elections said, “social media helped me win!”

In India, we know how the political parties go about their strategies in influencing voters. Generally, most of the parties conduct public rallies, sticking wall posters, erecting big banners and cut-outs, television and radio advertising, etc.

According to many political analysts in India usage of the digital medium had a great impact on securing most Lok Sabha seats for parties.

But we have to consider that with the advent of more people connected to the internet with smartphones. Political campaigning should have to change their ways as the dynamic has changed because of more people connecting online.

Reasons for Digital Campaign becoming popular in Indian Elections:

Digital campaigns are quite a game-changer among the youth of India because most of them are connected to the internet with smartphones. So, digital platforms are great means when it comes to engagement and reaches.

Social media became a great tool for political parties and politicians to build their loyal fans. They can build their profile on social media handles like Twitter, Face book, Instagram, and YouTube Channels.

The platforms in the social medium helped the political parties in highlighting their roadshows, speeches, video clips, and articles. This will help them to amplify their reach and gain more fans/followers.

However, they can also opt for paid campaigns in the digital medium to reach the desired or targeted audience.

What does a Politician/Political Party need to form a Digital marketing team?

A politician or political party needs a strong team and few resources to create a good digital marketing strategy.


Work Place: Usually a good workplace needs some infrastructure that needs a few computers, High-speed internet connectivity from at least two ISPs, dongles, conference rooms for video calls, and meetings.

Research team: They need a strong research team that is well aware of all the political parties and politicians. The team will collect all the details of the manifesto, speeches, and opposition’s counters. Through this data, they will create output.

Writers: The team should strong written and oral skills in English and Indian languages according to the place.

Editor: Usually the main role of the editor is to decide which content goes online after verifying with the facts.

PR Team: This team should have access to journalists from various mediums like print, radio, television and online news publishers. Working with journalists will increase the chances of amplifying your reach. Also, this team will keep track of the coverage a leader is getting.

Working Professionals:

Webmaster: If the party or a leader has a website, they will need a webmaster to handle it.

Search engine optimizer (SEO) to rank the website for the desired and relevant keywords.

Data Science Team: This team will be analyzing the data from the campaigns. The team should be able to use the existing tools to understand what the party is saying and how the people are reacting to them.

Creative Team: This team will create great designs that are needed to facelift the content. They will be designing posters, banner, and images for sharing them on social media.

Social Media Team: This team will optimize and share the content on social media. The team will be working 24/7 as the election approaches. They will be listening to the conversations that are happening on the digital platforms.

Advertising team: To amplify the targeted reach, they will need a strong team for advertising the content or making the content viral on the internet. The team should have strong knowledge in creating digital marking campaigns in various advertising tools.


However traditional practices are also important, you should combine them with digital marketing for better results. In case if it is not possible to handle the strategies you can hire a Political Digital Marketing Agency that works for you.