How to increase Facebook page likes and followers

To achieve success in business, Facebook helps you in a great way of building an audience around you. With more followers and likes on the Facebook page, it suggests that people love your product/services. Gaining facebook popularity and the engaging community helps you to gain more sales. If you are just starting to set up a profile on Facebook, it is good to know how to increase Facebook likes. I will break it down to a few steps to follow.

Firstly set up a Facebook page according to your business category and add a profile picture and banner to your page and post a simple post explaining your business. Once it is done with your page/profile creation, follow these steps.

1) Send Invites to like your page:

Ask people to like your page, send invites from your social profiles connected to your page. You can invite your friends and family people to like your page. But keep it in mind that Facebook tends to temporarily block the users from inviting for a few days.

2) Facebook Advertising:

Running Facebook ads is one of the faster ways to increase your followers. You can create ads for page likes and target your customers based on their demographics and interests. But running ads for page likes tend to cost more, and then you can set your ads for engagement for your post. Running engagement ads will help you in branding your products as you can reach the targeted customers.

3) Always post stand out content:

By posting attention-grabbing content will get your more engagement to your post. Posting a standout content will get you more shares and likes which helps the post become viral and reach more people. This will increase the reach of the post and get more likes to your page.

4) Post creative videos:

Posting creative/funny videos explaining your products/service will gain you more shares. People always try to share funny content with others. So it is very important to create share-worthy content.

5) Facebook Live:

Live videos always tend to create more curiosity. We have seen that most of the viral videos came from Facebook live. You can suggest the users with general niche tips and showcase the first look of your products. To increase more followers, you can say to customers that you will live stream once every week, let’s say Monday. It will encourage people to follow your page. If you can get more viewers for your videos, there is also a chance of getting your video on the Facebook live map, which will help you get more reach and it means more followers.

6) Posting at the right time:

Posting content at the right time will also increase followers. Use Facebook Insights to learn at which time more users are turning up for your post. Use that data to find out the best time for posting. As per our analysis, most people check out facebook after their work, while others see while they are in transit. We can narrow it by saying that, the best time will be at noon and a few minutes after 7 pm.

7) Create Facebook group:

Creating a Facebook group will also help you to get more likes. You have to make sure that the group stays active by asking the right questions to the right people. Ask them to share their suggestions and take their input. Always be ready to answer their questions. Give introductions of the new users to the group, and let them share their views with the group.

8) Run contests/promotions:

Running contesting also will help you increase your followers. In the contest ask people to like your page and offer them coupons/discounts on the purchase of products. This will help you in increasing your sales also gets you more followers.

9) Get tagged:

Encourage your customers to share their pictures with the products and tag the Facebook page. Tagging the page will helps to reach more people. Also, try to get tagged from the bigger Facebook pages that have similar audiences related to your niche.

10) Follow Influencers:

There are many influencers on Facebook like celebrities, authors, leaders, etc. This will help to remain engaged without being connected directly and sometimes will get you a follow back.

11) Add social media links and Facebook likes widget to the website:

If you have a good amount of visitors to your website, you can add social media links to your page. You can also add Facebook like a widget to your website which will showcase your followers to your website visitors and will help you gain their trust. It will also help to increase your sales and Facebook likes.

12) Use Automation:

As you are a business person you may not have the perfect time to share your posts. So try to use automation tools to set up a series of posts for the next several days. This will help you gain more followers and you can get more control over sharing your post at the perfect interval of time.


Getting more likes and shares on Facebook is important as it is a major source of traffic for many businesses. We have shared a few tactics to increase your page followers and don’t try them all at once. Test which is working for you and observe the results and perfect your strategy.

If you need help in increasing Facebook page followers or Social media optimization for your business, you can consult our Sunraise Solutions for effective strategies. Feel free to contact us.

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©2020 Copy rights All reserved.

©2020 Copy rights All reserved.