What happens in an Internet Second?

The internet is an ocean of knowledge that is accessible to millions of people around the world. At any given point in time, there are millions of people surfing through the internet by emailing, chatting, searching, tweeting all at once. According to internet live stats, 46.1 percent of the world is online, which is about 3.4 billion people, while 4 billion people do not have internet access.

Visualize what we can do in 1 sec of time? We can blink our eye, drink a sip of water, and take a breath. But in other situations, one second can be extraordinary in life and death situations, sports, etc. One second can decide many things and every second count.

Let’s see what happens in an Internet Second, here are some stats that will blow your mind:
  • According to the Internet live stats, in every one second, there are almost 81,049 searches on Google Search Engine, which is 90 billion a month and over 1 trillion searches in a year.
  • On Twitter, people share almost 8000 to 9000 tweets in second.
  • 2,887,773 Emails sent in second with almost 67% are spam.
  • 300,000 Text messages.
  • Instagram users make 1099 posts which include videos and photos.
  • On Tumblr, there are 1663 posts which include videos, photos, and blogs.
  • 4465 Skype calls answered.
  • With 1.09 daily users logged on Facebook, 3472 photos are getting uploaded and 52083 likes are made.
  • 124900 videos are watched on YouTube.
  • 289 votes and 23 comments made on Reddit
  • 250 to 300 pins saved on Pinterest.
  • With almost 81 million users on Netflix, 450 hours of TV shows and movies watched.
  • 6750 apps downloaded on Android and iOS mobile users.
  • Approximately 22621 dollars spent through online shopping.
  • Last but not least for all these activities, 88120 GB of internet traffic has used.

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©2020 Copy rights All reserved.

©2020 Copy rights All reserved.